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UPDATE: Found!

We are extremely happy to announce that the Sherriff's department has informed us that Jared Ropelato has been found and is safe at the command post! Thank you very much to all volunteers for your strong and immediate response and your willingness to drop your plans at a moment's notice to help a family in need. You have our immense admiration and appreciation.

Please see below for instructions on registering and joining the cell phone and/or email update lists for future emergencies.

Thanks again,
The Garrett Bardsley Foundation

News updates

  Salt Lake Tribune, Fox 13,, Deseret News, ABC 4

ALERT: Missing Boy

Friday, August 12th 2011

Jared Ropelato
Jared Ropelato

Jared Ropelato, a 12 year old Boy Scout has gone missing during a hike between Spirit Lake and Daggett Lake, UT.

The Garrett Bardsley Foundation is helping organize a search effort to help find him.

The search effort will begin at approximately 8:30am this morning (Saturday) at the Spirit Lake trailhead.
Volunteers arriving after 8:30am are still needed and much appreciated. Be sure to check the news and our latest status update before heading up.
Here is a map of Spirit Lake. (It is approximately 4 hours from Salt Lake City)
A volunteer has supplied the following directions, extracted from here:

"Head eastbound on I-80. Take the Mountain View Exit, #39, heading south. Follow the main road through Mountain View. (The last supermarket is in Mountain View, if you need to pick up some last minute items.) When the main road in Mountain View forks, go to the left towards Lonetree (S.R. 414). Soon after passing through Burntfork, you will reach a turnoff with a large sign saying "19 Miles to Spirit Lake". (Shown at right) Turn right, and follow the unpaved road. It will take you back into Utah, and later into Ashley National Forest. After you have driven 12 of the 19 miles, there will be a sign pointing to the right to Spirit Lake."

We need:

  1. Horses (especially)
  2. Volunteers on foot
  3. GPSs
  4. Volunteers to help with volunteers
ATVs unfortunately cannot be used in this area.

If you would like to send a message to the Garrett Bardsley Foundation you may do so at:

News updates

  Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune (2), Salt Lake Tribune (1),, Fox 13, ABC 4, ABC News, Fox News