The Garrett Bardsley Foundation

UPDATE: Found!

Joseph Schellenberg, the missing boy at Crystal Lake, has been found. Thank you everyone for your quick response. Fortunately, we were not needed this time.

Please see below for instructions on joining the cell phone and/or email update lists for future emergencies.

Thanks again, The Garrett Bardsley Foundation.

ALERT: Missing Boy

Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

A mentally handicapped 17 year old boy went missing last night (Monday, August 1st 2011) near Crystal Lake. His family went to bed at night and in the morning he was missing.

Summit County Search and Rescue has requested help from our volunteers. We need volunteers to come to Crystal Lake ASAP.
Here is a map of Crystal Lake. (Latitude: 40.68167 Longitude: -110.96583).

We need:

  1. horses
  2. volunteers on foot
  3. GPSs
  4. ATVs
  5. volunteers to help with volunteers

Stay tuned for updates, we will post more information as soon as it arrives.

If you would like to send a message to the Garrett Bardsley Foundation you may do so at:

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